- About Us -

Club Wanderlust. Founded in the summer of 2016 by two young travel addicts, as a result of the aim to deliver a fine travel brand.


Based in London our team of young designers combine wanderlust, ambition, quality and luxury in one uniquely designed product. We work with a fine concept of crafting high-fashion inspired items for an acceptable price tag. 


Our iconic clothing line currently only consists of t-shirts and sweaters. We are working hard with our team to expand the clothing line and add products like Tank top, Caps and other travel clothing.


Our mission is to unite the worlds of travel and fashion, in order to produce designs which will encourage people to travel and explore the world.


Team-spirit fuels the energy for our designs and the collections are inspired by travel, the desire to explore and the determination for perfection. With quality over quantity, we bring you the best of travel culture mixed with contemporary fashion.