Travel Clothing

by Clubwanderlust

When travelling around the world and looking for inspiration, the Arabic language and culture caught our eyes at CW. Its simplicity and flow inspired most of our designs. The Arabic art consists of simple shapes such as triangles and stars but when assembled into the final picture, real beauty arises. The ongoing flow of the scripts looks very relaxing and fascinating to the eye, which reminds us of the wanderlust feeling. That`s why we find a lot of inspiration in the Arabic culture when wanting to design & create.

CW also finds a lot of its inspiration in the language of romance, widely regarded to be among the most beautiful languages in the world, also known as French. We find their words to be simple, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore we could never go wrong by applying the French touch when creating, as this will help portray our travel designs in a simple yet elegant manor.


[won-der-luhst] noun.

A very strong desire or urge to wander and explore the world.

#Unleash Your Wanderlust!



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