Travel Clothing

by Clubwanderlust

When travelling around the world and looking for inspiration, the Arabic language and culture caught our eyes at CW. Its simplicity and flow inspired most of our designs. The Arabic art consists of simple shapes such as triangles and stars but when assembled into the final picture, real beauty arises. The ongoing flow of the scripts looks very relaxing and fascinating to the eye, which reminds us of the wanderlust feeling. That`s why we find a lot of inspiration in the Arabic culture when wanting to design & create.

CW also finds a lot of its inspiration in the language of romance, widely regarded to be among the most beautiful languages in the world, also known as French. We find their words to be simple, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore we could never go wrong by applying the French touch when creating, as this will help portray our travel designs in a simple yet elegant manor.

Why Clubwanderlust?


safe and secure  

Light & stress-free  travel   

save time and money

constantly exploring 

unique clothing 

lots of fun

We work with secure partners who are globally approved. We also heavily invest into safe payment systems for you to use, to keep your transactions secure. 

Your CW members card will allow you access to VIP lounges and to make use of many other services, such as baggage pick up and airport transportation. leaving you light and stress-free. 

The exclusive benefits we offer, such as discounted flight, hotel bookings and luggage pick up from home saves you great time and money.  

Whether you’re home on the couch or on adventure in foreign lands, the connection between you and new cultures will remain ongoing. As we keep sending you travel magazines, books and random food gifts from around the world.  

Clubwanderlust understands how fascinating other cultures and languages could be, therefore our clothes take inspiration from cultures all around the world and tries to deliver a travellers message.  

Your exclusive benefits allow you to focus on the main aspect of travelling, which is having fun. Due to the variety of services it offers you. 


Our official partners. 

We have partnered up with some of the worlds leading companies in order to ensure that the benefits we provide you are exclusive to you only and that they will bring good value to your life. 

Plans & Pricing 

for the travel curious

the traveller membership

the wanderlust platinum membership

bespoke membership

the wanderlust silver membership

  • Travel insurance from Safetywing.
  • Providing Access to the Babbel App to Learn the Basics of a New Language Before Visiting
  • Receiving CW Clothing or Travel Books or Magazines on a Quarterly Basis.
  • Notifications from Jacks Flight Club for Bargain Flight Offers.
  • Monthly Wanderlust Magazine.


Per month

for the wanderlust

  • Discount Offers on Hotels and Resorts From hotels.com, Airbnb and Shangri-La.
  • Receive Random Traditional Foods from Around the World at Spontaneous Times of the Year.
  • Invitations to Travel Events and Discounts to Landmarks from All Around the World, Such as the London Eye and Burj Khalifa.
  • Professional Photoshoots in Places Like Dubai, Paris, New York and Many More.
  • 1 Day Travel Guide Allowance Every Country Visited.
  • Access to Selective Airport VIP Lounges.
  • Providing Access to the Babbel App to Learn the Basics of a New Language.
  • Receive a Home to Airport Luggage Service.
  • 10% discount on Virgin Atlantic Flights and Activities


Per month

for the frequent flyer

  • Tumi Travel Bag Welcomes Gift.
  • A 24/7 Virtual Travel Assistant Who Deals with all Travel Queries and Bookings.
  • A Home to Airport Luggage Service.
  • VIP Chauffeuring Service to and From the Airport.
  • Access to Airport VIP Lounges all Around the World.
  • Invitations to Exclusive Business and Travel Events Worldwide.
  • Priority Bookings
  • Spontaneous and Random Gift from Around the World.
  • A Surprise Birthday Trip.


Per month

for the special one

£ custom pricing

Per month

frequently Asked Questions 

The CW recommended plans target 3 types of travellers: 

  • The Travel Curious
  • The Wanderlust
  • The Frequent Flyers

These plans aim to fulfil most of the corresponding travellers travel limitations, by offering them effective benefits. 

If you feel that you match one of the recommended travellers then you know that the corresponding plan is the best for you. But if you feel that you are a totally different traveller or  a mixture of two or more, then you can hand pick your membership to best suit you.   

Yes!! You can definitely do that, we want our services to be very efficient in aiding your travels. Therefore if you feel that most recommended plans are loaded with benefits you don`t need. Then select the custom plan were you can pick the benefits you need.   

Creating your account and selecting the plan you want takes minutes. But setting you up on the system and getting you the CW member card takes between 5-10 working days. Therefore all-in-all we aim to have you use your benefits within 5 working days.  

Sorry but you are not able to add any benefits to your current plan. You will need to change over to a custom plan and select all the benefits you want.